Get a backbone的含义:

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鱼对水母说了什么?Get a backbone。懂了吗? backbone,或spine,是大多数生物骨骼系统中的重要部分。对于人类而言,我们需要它使我们能够直立,保护并为我们重要的脊髓提供家园。没有这个backbone,我们将无法站立、行走,实际上是无用的。 正如前文所提到的,backbone只是脊椎的另一个说法。这个习语的形式使用“show”、“get”或“demonstrate”一些backbone,意指证明你不是懦夫,而是一个勇敢而有胆识的人。 He is such a coward when it comes to his abusive boss, he needs to get a backbone and stand up to him. There are many that thought the new prime minister would show some backbone, but the issue is they have to get a back bone to show it first! 对话: JUSTIN: DONALD, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR SUPPORT. DONALD: OK. WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU. JUSTIN: I WAS A LITTLE UPSET WHEN YOU BACKTRACKED WHEN YOU WERE CHALLENGED. YOU NEED TO GET A BACKBONE IF WE ARE GOING TO BE ABLE TO WORK TOGETHER. DONALD: HMMM. I WAS JUST BEING CAUTIOUS AND DIDN’T WANT TO COMMIT POLITICAL SUICIDE BY SUPPORTING JUST ONE SIDE OF THE ISSUE. JUSTIN: WELL DONALD, IF YOU GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IT WILL MEAN SHOWING A BACKBONEON THE TOUGH ISSUES. DONALD: ALRIGHT. WHAT IS IT I CAN DO TO DEMONSTRATE MORE OF A BACKGROUND FOR YOU? JUSTIN: WHEN IT COMES TO THE KEY ISSUES YOU NEED TO STRAIGHTEN YOUR BACK AND SHOW A BACKBONE AND SUPPORT US. 其他相关词汇:名词、动词、形容词、副词等(例如:mug – mugger) got a back bone getting a backbone

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搭配词汇: You need to get a backbone. I wish you would show more of a backbone. They really showed a l lot of backbone when they said no to supporting the issue. 相关短语和短语动词: Faith in oneself - 在Get a backbone的语境中,我们使用这个短语表示一个人对自己的价值观有信心和确定。 She has faith in herself and her abilities and this is where she gets her backbone from when she has difficult issues to deal with. Will Power - 我们使用这个短语来描述在最具挑战性的情况下仍然做某事并且不放弃的人。 He had always had a lot of willpower especially when he was challenged and really need to demonstrate backbone when others were weak in character. Staying power - 当某人在一项活动或承诺上表现并坚持下去,即使可能导致身体/心理疲劳时,就说他表现出了持久力。 He got his backbone from his staying power on controversial issues. Tower of strength - 我们使用这个短语来描述一个始终可靠且在需要时始终能够支持的人。 He has gets his backbone from his father who has always been a tower of strength for him to draw on. Strength of purpose - 拥有坚定目标的人是指一个决心做自己说过的事情的人。 He has shown a backbone and I was impressed with his strength of purpose to complete the project. 相关习语: Intestinal fortitude - 我们使用这个短语来描述那些在面对困难时仍然有足够性格力量和勇气继续前进的人。 Moral fiber - 当我们在困难的情况下表现出坚强和能够说出我们认为是对的即使不受欢迎时,我们在展示道义纤维。 Stiff upper lip - 这个短语用来描述在困难时期和逆境中表现出力量和坚韧的人。 What it takes - 在Get a backbone的语境中,我们使用这个短语来表示一个人将有信心做他们认为是正确的事情。