Scratch 的含义

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你感到痒吗?你会挠痒吗?有时挠痒并不是一件好事。我们有许多短语和习语来谈论痒和挠痒。这些表达包括达到标准、高水平高尔夫球手、按标准进行(类似于踩线)、白手起家和scratch 。 这个习语的起源来自运动习语的一类,自18世纪末开始使用“scratch”来描述在地面上刻画或划出的起跑线。 “scratch ”的术语源于这样一个想法,即没有人有优势 - scratch 。 Scratch 的含义 基本上我们有两种流行的scratch 的用法: 1. Make from Scratch 当使用这个短语时,它用来表示我们从基本原材料开始。这通常用于谈论烘焙或烹饪。然而,它也可能指非食品物品。 与其为他的生日买个蛋糕,我会scratch 亲手做。 我们将scratch 制作面霜,这样我们就知道所有的成分都是天然的。 2. Start from Scratch 当一个人scratch 做或开始某事时,他们正在创造全新的东西,而不是使用已经存在的东西。 房子的设计没有通过建筑师的审查,所以我们决定回到起点,scratch 。 地震后,房子变得支离破碎。与其试图使用房子剩下的部分,我们决定scratch ,使它更抗震。

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对话1(白手起家): BILL: SUE, I WAS WONDERING WHAT YOU WANTED TO DO FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY, WHERE DID YOU WANT TO GO? SUE: HMMM. I NOT SURE I AM IN THE MOOD TO GO OUT. I WOULD PREFER STAYING HOME AND HAVING A ROMANTIC DINNER WITH YOU. BILL: OH …. GREAT. I THINK THAT WOULD BE GOOD. I CAN COOK FOR YOU! WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE. SUE: HMMM SOMETHING ITALIAN, LIKE PASTA. BILL: OK I WILL MAKE SOME FETTUCCINI FROM SCRATCH ALL FRESH INGREDIENTS AND GLUTEN FREE AS I GET THE WINDS FROM THE GLUE TIN. THOSE FARTS ARE NOT VERY ROMANTIC! SUE: HA-HA… FUNNY. SOUNDS DELICIOUS, I ALWAYS PREFER PASTA FROM SCRATCH. 对话2(scratch ): SHELLY: HEY GARY DO YOU HAVE MINUTE I WOULD LIKE TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT THE PINEAPPLE PROJECT. GARY: SURE WHAT’S UP. SHELLY: WELL EVERYTHING IS A MESS WITH THE PHONE AND NOTHING SEEMS TO BE GOING RIGHT. GARY: YEAH, I HEARD THAT IN THE LAST UPDATE MEETING. THE TEAM SEEMS TO BE REALLY STRUGGLING AND THEY JUST DON’T SEEM TO BE GETTING ALONG. SHELLY: YEAH, THAT IS ONLY JUST ONE OF MANY ISSUES. I THINK WE NEED TO SCRAP THE PROJECT AND START FROM SCRATCH. GARY: YEAH, I DON’T TO SEE WHAT HAS BEEN DONE GO TO WASTE. HOWEVER, I THINK WE ARE SINKING TIME AND RESOURCES INTO A SINKING SHIP! SHELLY: YEP. THERE ARE TOO MANY HOLES AND THEY THERE ARE MORE HOLES SPRINGING UP EVERY DAY. GARY: OK. GOT IT LETS LET THE TEAM KNOW EVERYONE WILL BE DISPENDED, WE WILL START FROM SCRATCH ON MONDAY. 其他可以创建的词汇:名词、动词、形容词、副词等(例如:mug – mugger) beginning start initial conception genesis commencement origin source starting point 搭配词: Bake something from scratch; Do something from scratch; Make something from scratch; Start (something) from scratch; 相关的短语动词: One more time - 当我们使用这个短语时,我们是说我们要再次做某事。 Over again- 在scratch 的情境中,它意味着重新做某事,但是因为第一次做得不对,所以会做得不同而更好。 From the beginning - 从概念或开始重新开始。 Start over - 回到开始,重新做某事。 相关的习语: From square one - 当我们从方块一开始时,我们从一开始开始,通常是一个新的开始。 We need to go back to square one and scrape everything and start from scratch, there are too many mistakes. Fresh Start - 新的开始是我们有一个新的开始时。 I believe the best thing to do is throw out the initial law, look at a fresh start and make a new one from scratch. Clean slate - 当我们在scratch 的情境中使用这个术语时,我们是说我们想回到开始,并忘记已经发生或说过的一切。 We need a clean slate with a new group of managers. Let’s start from scratch and hire from outside to insure there is no inside influence. 同义词(其他说法): Start from scratch Make from scratch