Realize 与Notice的区别

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realize 与 notice有何不同?当有人给某人发送消息,而对方未能立即 notice到时,我可以说:抱歉,我没有 notice到你的消息。还是说:抱歉,我没有意识到你的消息。 realize 与 notice的区别解释 这个句子的正确答案是:“ I did not notice.。”realize 和 notice是我们所谓的“近义词”,它们有相似的意义,但并非完全可以互换使用。这意味着你应该根据句子的语境使用它们,而不仅仅是因为这个词在语法上合适。让我们来看看realize 和 notice之间的区别! 首先,让我们了解一下“ notice”这个词的用法和意义。它意味着你已经看到并realize 到了之前没有 notice到的东西。你会在看到新事物的那一刻使用它,就像有人剪了头发一样。 以下是一个例子: Jasmine, you cut your hair! I didn’t even notice until now. It looks really good. Here you can see that notice is used at that moment of recognizing something. Notice is tied to our senses and is used when we hear, feel, or see something. notice的例子 Did you ever notice how he only wears black clothes? Does he have any other color in his wardrobe? From all the running I didn’t even notice that it was so cold in my apartment. I finally bought new headphones and the first thing I noticed was how good the bass is.



当我们经历某些物理事物时,我们使用“ notice”。你不会对自己 notice到的事物过多思考,它只是在某个时刻发生。然而,你可以努力去 notice某些事物,就像当你看一幅画时,想要体验其中的每一部分。 在这方面,realize 是非常不同的。它是在你主动思考某事并在脑海中回顾时使用的。它与心理体验而非物理体验有关。 After going over the code I finally realized my mistake. I ran it again and now it works just fine. As you can see we have to work a bit harder to realize something than we have to notice something. A realization can come to you fairly quickly, but it’s not the same as when you notice something. 我们可以realize 到我们的行为是如何影响他人的,或者我们在对话中的表现。我们可以realize 到一些棘手问题的答案,或者只是realize 到一个人的感受。 realize 的例子 I didn’t even realize how sad he was until James told me. He’s always so cheerful around people. After our conversation yesterday I realized I was wrong. I’m sorry. She spent all day yesterday working on that mathematical equation. Then today she told me she finally realized how to work it through. You can’t get good grades without doing the hard work. You realize that, don’t you? He’s so stubborn and full of himself. He’ll never realize that he made a mistake, and he’ll never apologize. As a company, we have to realize that there are some problems in the workplace and fix them. realize 的用法 正如你所看到的,realize 某事是来自对它的思考。当描述我们如何理解情感、问题或周围世界时,我们使用“realize ”。 realize 与 notice的区别 notice和realize 都与得出结论、看到某事或思考某事有关。然而,它们在用法上有着截然不同。你会很快 notice到某事,但通常你会较慢地realize 到事物。