AS … AS 结构及比较的例子

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AS … AS 结构的含义 as... as' 在英语语法中是用来表达两者非常相似或相同的结构。下面将介绍如何使用这一结构,以及一些 as... as 的例子和比较。 AS + 形容词 + AS 语法示例: I’m as old as my husband. = My husband and I are the same age. Your house is as beautiful as mine. = Your house and my house are equally beautiful. 当比较两个在某种方面相同的事物时,我们使用 as + 形容词/副词 + as: The largest lion in the world is as big as a car. This summer season is just as bad as it was last year. It’s been raining endlessly for months. You have to be very careful as you take it out of the package. It is very delicate. Not as… as 结构的例子 在比较不相同的事物时使用 Not as … as: I was wrong about how heavy it would be, this bag is not as heavy as I imagined it to be. Frankie is still shorter than Danny. He is not as tall as his brother. She doesn’t sing as loud as she could. Not as… as 结构还可以通过说 isn't quite as 或 is not nearly as 来表示: The second race did not turn out to be quite as simple as the first one. The first race was easier. My old shoes were much more comfortable, and these new ones aren’t even close. (These new shoes aren’t as comfortable as my old ones.)

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As… as + 可能性的例子 在 as… as 之后,我们使用可能性或能力: Can you get there as soon as you can? 尽可能参观更多的地方。 It was a race to get here as quickly as possible. AS + 副词 + AS(与形容词相同的用法) I can do it as well as you. = not worse, not better I love him as much as he loves me . = not more, and not less, to the same extent As much as, as many as 的例子 在比较数量时,我们用 as much as 表示不可数名词,而用 as many as 表示复数名词: Roger earns as much money as Joey but not as much as Eddie. They try to give them as much freedom as possible. As much as 和 as many as 涉及到大量的数量。 AS WELL AS 还有另一种含义:除了 He’s a great husband as well as a great father. = He’s a great husband and he’s a great father too. I hope your day will be as nice as mine. Keep learning!